A Built-In Bookshelf Gets a Moroccan Revamp in Minutes

Season 7 Episode 708
Aired on 12/02/2017 | CC tv-pg
When faced with a lovely but bland-looking built-in bookshelf, celebrity designer Nikki Chu reveals a secret for infusing the large, stationary structure with some much-needed personality: wallpaper made to look like Moroccan tiles. "Wallpaper's come a long way. I mean, look at this," Nikki says, unfolding the tiled wallpaper. "Look how real that looks."

Here, Nikki uses tiled wallpaper, pre-stained wood trim and a new pair of gorgeous cabinet knobs to help homeowner David completely transform his boring bookshelf into a modern Moroccan focal point.

Get the instructions: Tiled Wallpaper and Reclaimed Wood Shelves