If you're looking to bring a little international charm to your home without overspending on pricey, imported furniture, all you need are some DIY basics and the bargain-hunting spirit. Home Made Simple designer Nicole Gibbons demonstrates just how easy it is to turn any space into a relaxing North African getaway by creating an elegant Moroccan-inspired tray table in just three simple steps.

Step 1: Head to your local thrift or secondhand shop and peruse the furniture section. Keep an eye out for two items in particular: a wooden plant stand and a brass platter to use as a tabletop. If the stand is a little worn, that's okay! The following step will cover up any imperfections on the gently used wooden piece you find.

Step 2: Once you've purchased your vintage items and have brought them home, designate an outdoor workspace to accommodate painting your wooden stand. Don't forget to wear a protective mask when doing woodwork to keep from inhaling particulates and fumes! Now that you're all set up, sand the plant stand down to the bare wood before evenly covering it with a mossy green spray paint to complement the brass tabletop.

Step 3: When the paint is completely dry, use double-sided foam adhesive tape to attach the brass platter to your freshly renovated wooden base. Cover the top of the stand with strips of adhesive tape in the shape of a pizza pie, and peel the backing from each strip before firmly securing your brass top.

Adorn your gorgeous new tray table with a mosaic candleholder. Then, sit back and drift away to daydreams of Marrakech.