Zora Asks Sophia for a Big Favor

Season 3 Episode 302
Aired on 08/29/2018 | CC tv-pg
Jacob has enforced some strict house rules for his troublesome daughter, including no phone, no computer and no television. Fortunately for Zora, Jacob does allow Sophia to come over and visit with her cousin even though she's on punishment. It isn't long before Zora asks Sophia for a favor.

"Sure. What do you need?" Sophia replies.

Zora hands Sophia money. "Like, one of those prepaid phones from Walmart or something."

Sophia is reluctant and expresses her concern about Zora's request. Zora claims that being grounded has left her bored out of her mind, but Sophia's skepticism kicks in. "Are you going to call Isaiah?" she asks.

"Sophia, come on," Zora pleads.

But Sophia refuses to help Zora reconnect with the boy who hits her. "I won't," she tells her cousin. "I'm sorry." And with that, she walks out of Zora's room.

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