Zora and Sophia Have a Blowout Fight

Season 3 Episode 304
Aired on 09/12/2018 | CC tv-pg
Sophia catches Zora using her laptop to talk to Isaiah and wants answers, expressing her disappointment in her cousin for still dealing with him even though he physically and verbally abuses her. Zora gets defensive and claims that Isaiah loves her.

"That is not love, Zora," Sophia tells her.

"And what do you know about love, Miss Goody Two-Shoes?" Zora asks condescendingly. "And you want to talk about embarrassing? You embarrassed me. You embarrassed me at the cotillion, and you're embarrassing me now."

Zora adds insult to injury when she ridicules Sophia's faith and even goes as far as to question whether Sophia truly believes.

"I'm just happy to be saved, and maybe if you weren't so distracted by this pile of trash, you'd be happy too," Sophia tells Zora. "Do you even remember what that feels like?"

"Yeah, I do. All I got to do is think of a time before I knew you," Zora continues. "And 'pile of trash'? Okay. Is that how God's little bitch likes to show love to all mankind?"

Bristling with anger, Sophia rises to her feet, and Zora is soon to follow. As their argument escalates, Zora threatens to slap Sophia. "Go ahead, Z," Sophia taunts. "Let's see how well he taught you."

Zora, stunned by the cutting remark, is motionless, which prompts Sophia to knock her out of her stupor with a shove. It isn't long before the cousins are locked in an all-out fight, arms flying wildly, which is only halted when a shocked Kerissa happens by and breaks it up.

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