Will Grace Answer Her Calling?

Season 1 Episode 113
CC | tv-pg
The bishop won't be able to preach forever, and with mysterious medical problems plaguing him, he's pegged Grace as the natural successor.

"I won't be able to preach for 20 more years," the bishop tells Grace as they sit on the porch.

"Tell Jacob," Grace says. "Bring him back."

"No, your brother is just where he belongs," the bishop says. "This is about you."

"I know when you came back here, all you wanted to do was set things straight, and you did that... your way. And I know you, Gigi. I know you because I know myself. I'm a preacher. You're a preacher. And I believe this whole war between you and your mother will just end if you pick up the cross of your calling and carry it."

The bishop leans forward, looks Grace in the eyes and asks, simply, "Can you do that for me, please?"