Will Grace and Noah Give In to Their Desires?

Season 1 Episode 108
Ever since Grace got back in town, there's been sexual tension between her and Noah, the head of the Greenleafs' security. Grace and Noah were once lovers, deeply involved in a romantic relationship before Grace fled Memphis and disappeared for years. Now, Noah is engaged to Isabel, a schoolteacher. With their wedding on the horizon, will Noah succumb to his attraction to his former girlfriend?

One night, Isabel is away when Grace knocks on Noah's door, looking for solace. After they talk, Grace grabs her bag and turns for the door, letting out a tired laugh.

"What?" Noah says.

"You're getting married," Grace says in disbelief.

"I know," Noah says. "It's crazy, right?"

Grace has a sad look on her face.

"What?" Noah says.

"Nothing," Grace says.

"No, say it," Noah says, taking Grace's hand into his own. "We might not get the chance to talk like this again."

"I was just thinking if all this hadn't happened, that son of a bitch hadn't done what he did to Faith, we'd still be together," Grace says, referring to Mac.

"I don't know about that," Noah says.

"We might be."

"I always thought you'd wind up with someone more exciting."

"You think that's what I want, someone more exciting?" Grace asks. "You were home to me. And that's when I knew I was home. He took that away from me along with everyone else. I hate him for that." Grace pauses. "I should go."

"Yeah, you probably should," Noah says, not meaning a word of it.

Grace has no intentions of leaving.