Why Is Jacob Talking to the Basie Skanks?

Season 1 Episode 111
CC | tv-pg
Jacob is seeking other job opportunities. After the bishop told his son that he’s just not cut out for church work, he began looking outside of Calvary for his next path. No one suspected, however, that he’d find an opportunity with the bishops chief rival, Basie Skanks.

Jacob propositioned Basie during a game of basketball. As the two traded shots, they also exchanged a few words about Jacob’s future. “What exactly do you want to do pastor?” Basie says.

“You know... preach, minister, manage,” Jacob responds. “I can do it all. I’ve done it all.”

Base Skanks laughs in disbelief.

“What?” Jacob asks.

“I’m sorry, man,” Basie explains. “This whole thing of you showing up her like this, I don’t know. Just, you’re the crown prince of Calvary. The heir apparent to the kingdom.”

Jacob frowns. “I’m not, though. That’s the thing.”

Basie gives him a quizzical look. “Why? That sister of yours?”

“Nah, the bishop,” Jacob says. “You know, he just...” Jacob’s face goes vacant as he trails off.

“The prophet is never without honor except in his daddy’s eyes,” Basie says.

“Daddy tough, too?” Jacob asks.

“I never knew my real father,” Basie says. “The man Jesus sent to test me, Mr. Skanks, tested me good.”

There’s a brief pause in the conversation. “Does bishop know you’re here?”

“No,” Jacob says.

“Okay, here’s the deal,” Basie says. “You know how a big church runs.”

Jacob folds his arms. “That I do.”

“That’s valuable, to me anyway,” Basie says. “Because Triumph is about to get bigger. Much bigger.”

“So I showed up at the right time,” Jacob says.

“Could be, but I can’t hire you without the bishop’s say-so,” Basie says. “That’s not how I do things. That’s bad blood, but you could set up a meetin between me, the bishop and yourself to, you know, discuss this openly, like men, we could work something out.”

Jacob nods. “I’ll give it a shot.”