What People Often Get Wrong About the Bishop

Season 2
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Bishop James Greenleaf is the head pastor of Calvary World Ministries, a mega-church in Memphis, Tennessee, on OWN's hit drama Greenleaf. He's a pillar of his community and the patriarch of a powerful family. Nonetheless, he's just as human as everybody else, says Keith David, the actor who plays the bishop.

Although people might be inclined to conflate his high office with the man himself, Keith maintains that the key to understanding Bishop Greenleaf is in recognizing his common humanity—and frailty. "Everybody's got their idea about what you do and how you do it," Keith says. "Well, [the bishop] goes to the bathroom just like everybody else. He puts his pants on one leg at a time just like anybody else. He's just a man, but he also has a different call that he answers to, and is trying deeply to be worthy of the honor of God."

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