What Makes the Bishop and Grace's Relationship So Powerful

Season 1 Episode 105
CC | tv-pg
Grace "Gigi" Greenleaf and her father, Bishop James Greenleaf, have a unique relationship. Grace was on the path to become her father's successor at Calvary Fellowship World Ministries. For mysterious reasons, she fled the Greenleaf estate, only to come back years later to uncover the true reasons behind her sister Faith's untimely death.

In a powerful exchange in Episode 5, Grace tells the bishop what she really thinks happened to Faith. She believes her uncle Mac, Calvary's chief counsel, sexually abused Faith, sending her down a dark path that ultimately led to suicide.

Oprah, an executive producer on the show, says this plotline touches on a subject she's explored for decades. "All those years I did The Oprah Show and did shows talking about abuse, sexual abuse, family abuse, the thing that got me so often were the secrets and lies that were kept."

Co-executive producer Craig Wright explains why the scene works so well. "That scene came to life because you get a sense of the shared grief and melancholy of these two people," Craig says. "He knows he did the wrong thing, and now it's too late. He's sad to see that she lost her connection to the church and to God because of what he did, and that's what he's really sad about."

Oprah explains the crux of the episode. "This episode is an opportunity for the unearthing of the secrets and lies, and actually helps you to see that just asking the question can open the door to the truth," she says.

Finally, Craig explains that the show is just as much about the subtler meanings. "The story might be about trying to take down an abuser or this or that, but it's really just human moments. That's the real, like, meat and potatoes of the show," he says, "just seeing the moments where people connect and find a little way forward."