What Grace Really Believes

Season 1 Episode 101
CC | tv-pg
It's been more than 20 years since Grace "Gigi" Greenleaf sat down with her family for dinner.

Grace—once a gifted preacher in the days before her departure—and her daughter, Sophia, are returning to spend a couple of nights in the Greenleaf mansion following the mysterious death of her sister Faith. Some people are treating Faith's passing as if it's just part of God's mysterious plan. However, Grace knows better.

From the moment Grace arrives on the property, it becomes clear that long-standing resentments are boiling just beneath the surface. In this scene, as the family sits down for dinner, those feelings begin spilling over.

Grace's mother, Lady Mae, and sister-in-law, Kerissa, grill Grace over her belief system. They want to know exactly what she believes, as she long ago forsook her post as the most promising young pastor at Calvary Fellowship World Ministries and now admits to attending church only on holidays.

Grace, a little shaken, shares her worldview. "I believe that the Bible is one useful tool to see into the heart of God, in the Christian tradition," Grace says. "I guess I believe there's a part of everything that tries. You know, like plants try to grow. Animals try to survive. People try to better themselves to get ahead. Everything tries to do something, and I guess I think that Christianity is just one way that the trying part of people tries to connect with the trying part of everything else."

The bishop raises a glass to Grace's speech. "Amen! I think that's marvelous," he says. "I don't see any reason why that couldn't be preached at Calvary."

Lady Mae begs to differ. "Well, I will give you one. Because it has nothing to do with Jesus and the price he paid on the cross for my sins."

Watch the tense family reunion unfold.