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Season 1 Episode 111
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Episode 111 of Greenleaf has the enigmatic title “Men Like Trees Walking.” That phrase, says co-executive producer Craig Wright, not only pertains to this episode—it tells us how to view Greenleaf as a whole.

“To me a title is like an x-ray of the episode, and what ‘Men Like Trees Walking’ says as far as I’m concerned is everyone, wherever they are in this story, is a spiritual being dealing with spiritual problems,” Craig says. “There are invisible depths rooted down beneath the surface of folks. There’s something more about them that you don’t even see.”

It’s a part of God struggling with itself about what it means to be in this person,” Craig elaborates. “How can I manifest myself more fully inside this person given their limitations and their struggles and their questions. It was just a reminder to watch the show as a story about the spirit.”

Additionally, Oprah, who also produces the show and plays a recurring role as Mavis McCready, shares her thoughts on two of the most shocking developments. “Hell is breaking loose here at Calvary in 111 because the dynamics of what has happened in previous episodes all come to bear,” Oprah says. “I think one of the most scathing things that happens is Jacob who is trying to find his way, who is sort of the lost son, has disintegrated, and Jacob leaves and goes to Basie Skanks’ church.

“I don’t know what good he thinks is going to come of that, but I like it because it gives us room to create an entirely different dynamic between the bishop and his son.”

Finally, Oprah reveals that Kevin and Charity’s storyline is about to come to a head. “I’ve been waiting since 102, and I know you have too, but what’s going to show up?” Oprah says.

“Because we, the audience know what’s going on and Charity is completely naïve. I really like Kevin and Charity, and I would like for them to stay together, but I don’t know how that’s going to happen considering what he’s about to reveal to her.”