What Does Mac Have on the Bishop?

Season 1 Episode 110
When Bishop James Greenleaf finds out that Mac had sexually abused the bishop's daughter Faith as well as untold other girls who've come through Calvary, he's understandably livid. Yet, for unknown reasons, he doesn't want to turn Mac in to the police, and, over time, it becomes clear that Mac is blackmailing the bishop. What is unclear, however, is what exactly Mac is holding over the bishop.

According to co-executive producer Craig Wright, there's a dark chapter of Greenleaf family history that's yet to be revealed. "When we meet the Greenleaf family on this show, they kind of have it made," Craig says. "This beautiful house, all the money in the world, all the privilege—you know, but it wasn't always like that. The bishop had to do some things to get where he is today, and Mac was there to help make those things happen. And even though now Calvary Fellowship is a place that does a lot of good for a lot of people, the way it all got started wasn't very good, and Mac knows."

Oprah, also an executive producer on the show, says she's proud of how the show examines long-held family secrets. "I love the shaping of this story because the whole point of this fallout is that in everybody's life you're only as sick as your secrets, and the bigger the secret that you've held, the greater the chaos and the negative energetic dynamic that follows it," Oprah says.

"I mean, when you've held this big secret and everybody's been lying and denying, regardless of what the situation is, you're going to have fallout, and everything around you gets disrupted. And so it really follows what we know is just the natural law and order of things."

Oprah believes many people will be able to see similarities between the Greenleafs' situation and their own. "When you hold something in for so long and then you finally release it, it causes a big mess, and anybody who's ever had a family scandal will recognize themselves or family members in that story."