This Powerful Line Wasn't in the Script

Season 2 Episode 202
Aired on 03/22/2017 | CC tv-pg
As the second season of Greenleaf opens, we see the bishop visiting Henry McCready—father of Mac, Mavis and Lady Mae—in hospice care. While the bishop leans over his father-in-law's immobile body, praying, Mac enters the room. The bishop notices, and, as he passes his despicable brother-in-law on his way out, he says, "I'm going to leave you to deal with your father...until you have to deal with ours."

According to GregAlan Williams, who plays Mac, this line wasn't in the original script. He credits Keith David, the actor who plays Bishop Greenleaf, with finding the perfect way to express how the bishop sees Mac now that all the cards have been laid on the table. Here, in this exclusive clip, GregAlan and Keith discuss the memorable exchange.