The Unfortunate Truth About Noah and Grace's Romance

Season 1 Episode 107
CC | tv-pg
Everyone has been wondering when Grace and Noah would finally try to rekindle the romance that was extinguished in their youth. In the eighth episode of Greenleaf, it finally happens.

According to executive producer Craig Wright, Noah and Grace are attempting to do something that may not be feasible. "What I really like about that relationship is that I think Grace and Noah, when they were young, had a real love and a real connection and a real innocence, and everything that happened between Mac and Faith and Grace and her parents broke it, made it impossible," Craig says.

"She couldn't explain it to him," Craig says, referring to the devastating revelation that drove Grace away from Memphis and her family. "She leaves, and all the innocence and perfection is ruined, and what I think is an interesting question is, Can you ever get that back again?"

Craig thinks there's a straightforward but unfortunate answer. "And I think the answer is no, it can't, and to see them slowly learn that, that feels very important to me," Craig says. "In the list of things that got ruined, their love is one of them, and they try like hell, you know, to find it again."