The Secret Crime That Haunts the Bishop

Season 1 Episode 113
When you serve a powerful, wealthy family for decades, you just might know where they keep all their skeletons.

Mac, the Greenleafs' right-hand man, is in trouble with the law, and, in a last-ditch attempt to save his hide, he's threatening to disclose one of the bishop's darkest secrets if the respected religious leader doesn't put in a good word on his behalf before sentencing. But what exactly does Mac know?

When Grace visits Mac's father, Henry McCready, her maternal grandfather, to check up on him, she gets a sense that there's more to the bishop's past than she realized.

"Even Mac, he didn't really give a rat's ass about me," Henry says. "Nobody did."

"Seemed to me like he cared," Grace says. "Never obeyed Mama. Always gave you money when you asked."

"Mmm, wasn't love," Henry says. "It was just, you know, hush money."

This gets Grace's attention. "To keep quiet about what?" she asks. "Hey, to keep quiet about what?"

"You sure you want to know?" Henry says.


"Remember when you was little and First Baptist burned down?"


"And the caretaker was in the basement."

"What about it?"

"That wasn't no act of God."

Grace leans back as the meaning of his words dawns on her.