The Next Step in Basie Skanks' Master Plan

Season 2
As one of the most prominent families in Memphis, Tennessee, the Greenleafs have made many friends. They've also made enemies.

Pastor Basie Skanks, played by Jason Dirden, is a rival with his own up-and-coming mega-church, Triumph Church, in downtown Memphis. He was Bishop Greenleaf's most vocal opponent at the end of Season 1, and he has plans to build a new church, his second, across the street from Calvary World Ministries. Adding insult to injury for the Greenleafs, Basie has brought the bishop's son, Jacob, on board as he expands his power.

Here, in an exclusive interview, Jason hints at the "hidden agendas" that might make viewers rethink the motivation behind Basie's antagonism.

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