Grace Tells Jacob and Charity About Their Father's Affair

Season 3 Episode 301
Aired on 08/28/2018 | CC tv-pg
Grace meets with her siblings to discuss the issues their parents are having. Now that their father has been out of the house for almost two nights, Grace is getting worried and wants Jacob to talk to their mother. However, Jacob and Charity realize that Grace knows more than she's letting on. After they press her to explain what she knows, Grace reveals the extent of their father's ongoing affair with Aunt Mavis.

Although Grace was seeking help from Jacob and Charity, Charity believes Grace should be the one to fix their parents' problems. "Gigi, you need to fix this," she tells her.

"Why me?" Grace snaps.

"Why you?" Charity says incredulously. "Gigi, before you came home, Mama and Aunt Mavis didn't even talk!"

Grace shifts the conversation toward Jacob again and begs him to talk to their mother, but Jacob has other thoughts. "Look, I'll check on Mama to check on Mama," he tells her. "But all the grief Pop put me through after my little slip-ups? He deserves a taste of what he's so good at dishing out."

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