The Bishop Rebukes Mac

Season 1 Episode 107
CC | tv-pg
At Calvary, Mac serves above and beyond his role as chief counsel. For the Greenleaf family, Mac is the man you go to when you need to get things done. His role, however, is threatened when he accidentally hands over private meeting minutes to the auditors who've been sifting through the church's finances.

Mac stops by Bishop Greenleaf's office to explain how he lost control of the situation, and the bishop is furious.

"What happened?" the bishop says after closing his office door.

"Just tell me what the auditor said," Mac says.

"You said everything was going to be okay. Flying colors!" the bishop says before repeating his question. "What happened?"

"What exactly did the auditor say?" Mac says. "Tell me and I'll take care of it. You know I will. I always do."

The bishop steps closer to Mac. "She wants our personal income taxes, complete with receipts for the last three years," the bishop says, his anger rising with each word, "an inventory of everything in our home—every God-blessed object—explanations of where it all came from, and contact numbers from anyone who's even given us a ballpoint pen. Do you know what your sister's going to do when she finds out about this? Did it ever occur to you to look at those damn minutes before you handed them over to her?"

"I did look at them," Mac insists.

Mac sighs. "I misunderstood one thing," he says.

"No, you misunderstood more than just one thing," the bishop says, lowering his voice and poking a finger into Mac's chest. "When were you going to tell me? After they put me in prison?"

"The reporter showed up," Mac says, referring to being awarded Memphis Man of the Year. "I was going to come down as soon as I finished—"

The bishop interrupts. "I don't want to hear it! Memphis Man of the Year...if you spent half the time doing your job as you spend wandering all over town looking for people to save..."

Bishop Greenleaf says he'll wait, for now, to tell Lady Mae what happened, and he gives Mac one day to make everything right.

"I'll take care of it," Mac says.

"Don't tell me you're going to take care of it. You just take care of it."

Before sending Mac away, the bishop makes one final point. "I will not have people going through our lives with a fine-tooth comb. We both know that won't be good."