The Bishop Learns the Truth About Rochelle

Season 3 Episode 310
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Grace goes over to Percy Lee's house to visit with her father and tell him what she found out about Rochelle Cross. Right away, Grace notices her father is in a good mood. "I haven't seen you this happy in a while," she says. "You must be relieved to have the whole divorce final, I guess, huh?"

The bishop shrugs and almost divulges the reason but decides to wait. "What's your news? Your tone on the phone had me concerned," he tells her.

Grace tells him that he's right to be concerned, and the bishop motions to Grace to take a seat. "Whatever it is, we'll work it out," he says with confidence. "I promise."

"Daddy, what I'm going to tell you you are not going to believe," Grace begins.

"Well, it's that kind of a night," he says.

"Rochelle Cross," Grace says, knowing that it's a sore subject.

And she's right. "What about her?" the bishop says defensively, rising from his seat. "And be sure you know what you're talking about before you say a word against her."

Grace interjects, "Daddy, she is Darryl James' daughter. She's the half sister of Basie Skanks."

Stunned, the bishop is at a loss for words.

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