Lady Mae and the Bishop Put Up a Front at Dinner

Season 3 Episode 302
With a hefty tax bill from the IRS looming, the bishop and Lady Mae agree to push their marital problems aside in order to address Calvary's financial crisis together. After brainstorming potential solutions, they land on the idea of inviting Clara Jackson, Calvary's biggest benefactor, over for dinner. Although their relationship is on the rocks, the church's first couple pretend all is well at dinner in order to impress Clara, but she mentions to them that something feels off.

"Well, I don't know how that could be," Bishop Greenleaf says convincingly. "Anything ever gets off-kilter around here, my beautiful wife is quick to put it in its place. She's ruthless that way."

After a tense moment, the bishop and Lady Mae are relieved when Clara realizes that what she noticed was simply changes that the Greenleafs made to the décor in the house.

The conversation soon turns to marriage. "How long has it been for you two?" Clara asks.

"Forty-four years," the bishop answers.

"Soon to be 45," Lady Mae quickly adds.

Clara asks whether they are going on a trip to celebrate their anniversary, but the bishop and Lady Mae seem unprepared for the question.

"Oh, I hope I didn't ruin a surprise," Clara tells them.

"Oh, no, no, no," Lady Mae assures Clara before fixing her husband with an icy glare. "You haven't ruined anything."

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