Tasha Confesses Her Feelings for Jacob to Rochelle

Season 3 Episode 310
Aired on 10/31/2018 | CC tv-pg
Now that Tasha is no longer working at Triumph after her falling-out with Jacob, she's been off the grid. Rochelle finally pays a visit to Tasha at her home, since she was unable to reach her by phone or find her at Triumph. Fed up, Rochelle gives Tasha a talking-to. "Let me tell you something," Rochelle says, putting her finger in Tasha's face. "I don't know what kind of games you playing, but you got a job to do. And you better get to it."

Tasha explains that Jacob and Kerissa have already hired someone to fill her position at Triumph, but that immediately raises red flags for Rochelle. "Yeah, somebody that's going to find all your sloppy loose ends you left there."

But Tasha is over it and wants out of Rochelle and Basie's schemes. "I don't know what else you want me to say, or how you want me to say it, Rochelle!" Tasha says, raising her voice. "But I did what I did, and I'm done. I'm not doing anything else!"

Rochelle stays silent as Tasha continues. "You're messing with an innocent man."

"Who?" Rochelle says, chuckling. "Jacob Greenleaf?"

"Yes, Jacob Greenleaf," Tasha answers. "He's a good man, Rochelle."

Suspicion washes over Rochelle's face. "Are you in love with him?" she asks Tasha.

Tasha initially denies it, but Rochelle presses on. Finally, Tasha breaks and admits that she does have feelings for Jacob. "I wouldn't even be in this mess if I was with a man like him and not some no-account, nothing brother of yours!" Tasha shouts.

"Basie is out here risking his life for you, paying his debts off, to rush back to your ungrateful ass," Rochelle says, getting in Tasha's face. "And you are out here disrespecting him by mooning over some Jacob Greenleaf? Huh?"

Mentioning Basie strikes a nerve in Tasha. Their conversation continues to escalate, and Tasha finally demands that Rochelle leave her house. "Don't ever come back!" Tasha yells. "And if you do, I will call the cops. And I might just forget what story I'm supposed to tell 'em."

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