Sophia's Dad Is Back—and Ready for a Fight

Season 1 Episode 110
CC | tv-pg
Grace hasn't broached the subject of Sophia's father, Ray, since returning to Memphis with her daughter. Recent shocking events at Calvary, however, have brought him back into their lives—and he has no intention of leaving. Ray's perspective is that Grace has brought Sophia into a world where child molestation and violence is normal, putting his daughter at risk.

In Grace's office, Ray is nervously pacing and asking hard questions. "A week ago, a cop was killed in the parking lot of this place, and now your dad just shot another guy?" Ray says indignantly. "I'm taking her back to Phoenix."

Grace scoffs. "Just the plane ride alone would be more time than you spent with her in the past five years, so go for it," she says.

"I'm not kidding this time," Ray says.

"Neither am I," Grace says.

"Grace, our custody agreement says I am to be consulted if you take her across the state line," Ray says. "That you didn't was enough for me to take you to court and win, but I didn't do that."

"You didn't even think to call her until we had been here for a month," Grace says.

"You really want to argue about this right now?" Ray says, as his voice rises to a crescendo. "You put her under the same roof as a man you knew was capable, capable—"

Grace cuts him off. "No, he does not live at the house."

"The way she tells it, he's there every day. Hmm?" Ray says. "What were you thinking?"

"What do you want me to say, Ray? That I screwed up? I screwed up."

"I want you to say, 'Ray, I've treated you like you're the problem ever since our daughter was born. But you're not; I am,'" Ray says. "I'm going to go see here, and we're going to talk."

"What is there to talk about?"

Ray's temper flares. "Whatever I want. Don't you get it? This whole 'you don't have any rights, Ray'? That's over. Because you did screw up. You did."

Ray storms out of the office.