Rochelle Tells Grace Off

Season 3 Episode 312
Aired on 11/14/2018 | CC tv-pg
After receiving an urgent phone call from a desperate Coralie, Rochelle hurries over to Coralie's house and brings Tasha along with her. However, before Rochelle is able to figure out what Coralie needs, someone knocks on the door, and Rochelle knows something is up. "You expecting somebody?" she asks Coralie suspiciously.

As Coralie rushes over to open the door, Rochelle realizes she's been set up. "Don't you dare open that door!" Rochelle commands. But Coralie opens the door anyway, letting in Grace and Jacob, whom Tasha is relieved to see.

Rochelle is furious. "After everything I've done for you!" she exclaims, closing in on Coralie. "Oh, this white folks' rules for sure."

"Grace told me what you've done to her father, to her family," Coralie says.

"You believed her?" Rochelle responds.

"I didn't entirely at first," Coralie counters. "But I do now."

Seeing that the situation is a loss, Rochelle tries to leave and take Tasha with her, but Tasha refuses. "You have been nothing but trouble for me, Rochelle."

Rochelle tries to get to her by bringing up Basie and how he saved her, but that no longer works on Tasha. "I saved myself with God," Tasha asserts.

Recognizing that Tasha is no longer of value to her, Rochelle turns her anger on Coralie again. "Rot in hell," Rochelle says, getting in her face. "Your kids are better off with somebody else. Their mother is nothing but a lying, little, murdering bitch."

Grace steps in and orders Rochelle to stop. "This is over," Grace demands. "Let it go."

However, Rochelle is only getting started and shifts her attention to Grace. "At the end of the day, you're nothing like me," Rochelle tells her. "I know I'm a sinner deserving of hell, but you? You think you're some damn saint!"

"No, I don't," Grace says levelly.

"Oh, yes, you do," Rochelle says, her face a mask of fury and hate. "You think you're on the right side. Because that's what happens when you get all the money growing up. It fools you into thinking you're all right, and you're not. Let's see which one of us is sitting on the right side of God on that day."

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