Rochelle Confronts James About Their Relationship

Season 3 Episode 304
Aired on 09/12/2018 | CC
The bishop is caught between a rock and a hard place when Rochelle shows up at the Round Table party at the Greenleaf mansion. With a clearly offended Lady Mae looking on, he approaches Rochelle and suggests that she may want to leave. "Surely you must know what it looks like," he says while keeping a distance from her.

"You have to understand what it'd look like if I wasn't here," Rochelle counters. "James, nothing happened between us. What? Do you expect me to just slink off into the night like some shameful secret?"

"It's not about secrets," the bishop quietly replies, turning to face Rochelle.

Rochelle then reminds him that he was the one who called her to meet him at the Biltmore Hotel after Lady Mae kicked him out. When the bishop tries to get a word in, Rochelle continues. "You know I'm in love with you," she says under her breath.

"Rochelle, please—" the bishop tries to cut in.

"No, you let me finish," Rochelle demands. "I can't continue to act like you pulling me in and pushing me away doesn't hurt."

The bishop attempts to apologize to Rochelle if he hasn't been "clear" about how he feels about her, but Rochelle isn't finished: "Clear? Like the way you held me in your arms like you wanted to kiss me as you told me you loved your wife? Or maybe the way you told me to stay away while looking at me like a man dying of thirst in front of water? Bishop, I've been very clear. You've been anything but."

"I thought I was," the bishop says contritely as the magnitude of the situation hits home for him. "And if I haven't been, or if I've given you some reason to hope, I...I'm sorry."

Knowing there is nothing left to say, Rochelle looks the bishop in the eyes one last time, sets down her glass of Champagne and walks away.

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