Robert "Mac" McCready

Season 1
CC | tv-pg
On OWN's new mega-church drama Greenleaf, GregAlan Williams plays Robert "Mac" McCready, the attorney of Greenleaf World Ministries and the brother of Lady Mae Greenleaf and Mavis McCready.

"Mac brings a lot of baggage, a number of family secrets that go back to the Greenleaf home as much as he seems to be on the ball and capable, he's quite needy in some profound and damaging kinds of ways," GregAlan reveals in this character profile of Mac.

Mac is kind of stuck, GregAlan adds. "He's stuck in a tragedy that not only has impacted him, it's impacted lots of others over the years and that's part of the Greenleaf family secrets," he says. "Whatever has hurt him, has manifested in him a way that causes him to hurt others in a most profound kind of way."