Oprah Highlights Key Themes to Watch for in Greenleaf Season 2

Season 2
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When Oprah retired The Oprah Winfrey Show to launch a new TV network called OWN, she turned to show creators with one simple, yet powerful, question.

"I see television as I see all of my work as a service. I really do," Oprah says, in an interview promoting the second season of the hit series Greenleaf. "The No. 1 question for me when I was doing the Oprah Show, to all the producers, was, 'How do we serve this audience?' And now I ask that question of my producers and writers of these series."

Oprah says she has a specific mission for every show she puts on the air. "As a storyteller, I think the ability to create a narrative that people can relate to, feel a part of and feel connected to is the dream of everybody who uses words to allow people to see and feel their own humanity," Oprah says.

"I'm trying to nourish the spirit and the soul of anybody who turns on our channel and wants to be entertained. I want them to be fed humor. I want them to be fed drama. I want them to be fed something that's meaningful," Oprah says, "and that is ultimately why I have a network and am in the business of creating stories, because I want people to be fed and to come away feeling that was worth my time.

Here, Oprah elaborates on why she's taken on this mission and teases some of the themes you can expect to see in Greenleaf season 2.

Tune in for Greenleaf season 2 March 15, 2017, only on OWN.