Merle Dandridge on Grace's Journey in Season 3

Season 3
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After making it her mission to avenge her sister's tragic death and take down her corrupt uncle, Grace starts Season 3 of Greenleaf having to re-examine her role at Calvary Fellowship World Ministries and her place in the family. In this exclusive clip, Merle Dandridge, the actress who plays Grace, reveals some of the journey her character is going to take in the upcoming season. Plus, Merle talks about Grace's relationship with secular journalist Darius Nash (Rick Fox) and her new mission to uncover the motives of the suspicious Rochelle Cross (LeToya Luckett).

"Grace's journey in Season 3 is of self-reflection and I think one of the reasons why people feel so drawn to her as well," Merle explains. "In my experience, everyone needs a champion. It's exciting to me that when Grace fights for people, the audience feels like she's fighting for them. That's the thrill of playing Grace Greenleaf."

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