Mavis Blasts Calvary for Its Hypocrisy

Season 1 Episode 112
CC | tv-pg
Ever since Mac went to jail, Grace has been avoiding calls from Mavis, who had encouraged her from the time she arrived back in Memphis to take him down. Eventually, Grace visits Mavis' blues bar and finds her aunt boxing things up.

Mac, it turns out, finally made good on his threats to call in a favor at city hall and have Mavis' bar reclassified as a historical site. Grace and Mavis take a moment to acknowledge that fact before conversation turns to the future. "I don't want to leave," Grace says. "Not yet, anyway."

"Why?" Mavis says with a no-nonsense look on her face.

"I don't know exactly," Grace says.

"You feeling bad 'cause things are all falling apart?" Mavis asks.

Grace doesn't speak a word, but her eyes say yes.

"Don't," Mavis says firmly. "Your family's still your family. That church deserves to close."

"I'm not so sure about that," Grace says.

"After what they did to Faith?" Mavis says, her voice rising. "Pushing her truth down into the dark just so they can keep a shine on that silver-plated cross?"

Grace defends Calvary. "My parents are the ones that did that to her, not the church," she says.

"The church did that to them," Mavis says. Stressing the point, she repeats the sentence, adding an extra emphasis to each word.

"I know you love your daddy," Mavis says, "but, Gigi, that church, I mean, just keeping the doors open turned him into some two-bit hustler, and my sister, some preening swan, and they go on and on about the Lord this and Jesus, but it's really just all about the money. Money, money, money."

"It's so much more than that," Grace says.

"It is not. You came, you saw, and you conquered," Mavis says.

A silence descends between them as those words sink in. Finally, with an understanding look, Mavis says, "Get out." And with that, Mavis takes her own leave.