Lady Mae Won't Accept Mac's Guilt

Season 1 Episode 109
CC | tv-pg
Lady Mae is grappling with a harsh reality: Her brother, Mac, appears to be responsible for sexually abusing teenage girls at Calvary.

It's not easy to come to terms with the idea that someone you love, a member of your own family, could do something so heinous. Here, when Lady Mae finally watches Danielle Turner's confession video—which both Bishop Greenleaf and Grace view as damning evidence—rather than concede Mac's guilt, she casts blame at Grace for stirring the pot.

"Is that all?" Lady Mae asks when the video ends.

"What do you mean is that all? You need more?" the bishop says disconcertedly. "You heard what she said."

Lady Mae's glare intensifies. "Eve heard the snake in the garden, and aren't we glad she listened?"

Grace shakes her head. The bishop takes off his glasses.

"I'm going to see my brother," Lady Mae says.

"About what?" the bishop asks.

"I want to hear his side of all this," Lady Mae says.

Grace cuts in. "She shouldn't tell him," she says.

"Mae, there is no other side," the bishop says. "What the girl is saying is true."

The bishop's words only make Lady Mae more furious, and she angrily casts doubt on the credibility of her brother's accusers. "I am going to talk to the only human being who supposedly was there for all these scenes," Lady Mae says. "I will not have him tried in absentia."

She then turns her attention to Grace. "And your blind spot, when it comes to this girl, will be your undoing," Lady Mae says. "You mark my word, James, 'cause she's a handservant to the Father of Lies."

Lady Mae stares daggers at Grace before storming out of the office, leaving her husband and daughter in a state of shock and dismay.