Lady Mae Puts Kerissa in Her Place

Season 1 Episode 102
CC | tv-pg
Grace "Gigi" Greenleaf is back, and her presence is affecting the Greenleaf family in unpredictable ways. Once the most promising preacher of the Greenleaf children, Grace was gone for 20 years. Since then, her brother, Jacob, has become the heir apparent of Calvary Fellowship World Ministries. Jacob's wife, Kerissa, likes it this way.

As Kerissa sits down with Lady Mae, the first lady of the church, to test a dinner option for Lady Mae's upcoming event, she uses the opportunity to figure out where Grace stands. "Will Grace attend, you think?"

Lady Mae, clearly taken aback by the question, says, "Why wouldn't she?"

"Oh, no reason," Kerissa says, surprised. "It's just that, you know, she's independent—"

"I think she'd know that her presence would be required," Lady Mae says evenly.

Kerissa refuses to let the topic go. "I have to admit, when Jacob told me that she decided to stay and serve the church again, I was confused."

Lady Mae, no longer interested in discussing the topic, pokes at her dinner plate and says, "The salmon will be properly sized, won't it, though?"

"If it's not, we will serve two and...we'll call it a salmon duet," Kerissa says to appease her mother-in-law.

"So creative," Lady Mae says with a wry smile.

Kerissa continues, "Anyway, I was actually confused."

"So you said," Lady Mae curtly answers.

"Yes," Kerissa explains, "just about why Grace is choosing to serve the church again when her beliefs are obviously not in line with anything that I understand as doctrine, that's for sure."

"The bishop believes she has a calling, and in matters of spiritual discernment, I follow his lead," Lady Mae says, attempting to put an end to the conversation.

Kerissa, frustrated, blurts out, "Has she expressed an interest in preaching again?"

"Oh, my" Lady Mae says, exasperated.

"I'm only asking because—"



"Strength like yours, dear, is best expressed in stillness," Lady Mae says, ending the conversation.