Lady Mae Makes a Bold Offer to the Bishop

Season 3 Episode 305
Aired on 09/19/2018 | CC tv-pg
As Lady Mae and the bishop try to solve Calvary's IRS troubles, word about their failing marriage is beginning to spread around the church. Although Calvary's first couple agreed to stay together to address the financial crisis, their personal animosity toward each other isn't making things any easier. Now, after learning that Clara has decided not to help them out financially, Lady Mae and the bishop are back at square one.

Judging that the time is right to make her intentions known, Lady Mae makes a bold proposal to her husband. "Tell the church, like adults, that we're getting divorced," she begins. "And then, you'll step aside and I'll take over."

"Excuse me?" the bishop says in shock.

Lady Mae stands firm. "Don't you dare act like you didn't know when you met me that I had a calling on my life from God," Lady Mae says, her voice dripping with spite. "And I dumped it in the dirt and followed you, and what did that get me?"

"Chanel and Tiffany," the bishop says wryly, not missing a beat.

Lady Mae continues to press, telling her scandal-plagued husband that he won't get a better offer. The bishop, however, remains unshaken. He locks eyes with her, and in a tone at once patronizing and menacing, he quietly says, "If we divorce, it's you who will exit the building, not me."

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