Lady Mae Gives Kevin Some Tough Love

Season 1 Episode 112
CC | tv-pg
Kevin has been on the sofa for quite a while, and Lady Mae is getting worried. When Charity banished him from their bedroom, Kevin thought he could wait it out, but as time passes, he's not getting any closer to re-entering his wife's good graces.

Lady Mae, attempting to set him straight, corners him in the Greenleaf living room to deliver a pep talk only she could give. "In all my years of marriage, I never put Bishop on the sofa, and if I had, he wouldn't have let it go on this long," Lady Mae says.

"I know, Ma. I tried," Kevin says. "I don't—"

Lady Mae, of course, isn't having it. "Try? You better stop trying and do something, boy. Make this right," she says.

"It's not entirely up to me," Kevin says. "I mean, Charity's hard work, Ma."

"Kevin," Lady Mae says, taking her bewildered son-in-law by the arm and sitting him down on the sofa, "I have no idea what is going on with the two of you, but here's what I know: It is up to you. You're the man. Don't you understand that your children are already existing inside that woman, already forming in this cloud of unpleasantness. Your boys need to feel safe and secure right now, not anxious and unsettled and sad."

Lady Mae locks eyes with Kevin. "Trust me," she says, "you will disappoint your children sometimes, but there's no need to start so soon."