Lady Mae Explodes at Grace

Season 1 Episode 108
CC | tv-pg
Lady Mae has been keeping a close eye on Grace ever since she returned to the Greenleaf estate. She suspects, and for good reason, that Grace may be looking into the family's business in ways that could lead to a nasty fallout. Additionally, the Greenleafs' security manager, Noah, is Grace's former lover—and their romance appears to be rekindling.

After sleeping at Noah's place, which is located on the Greenleaf property, Grace tiptoes back into the mansion.

"You're up early," Lady Mae says, catching Grace off guard.

"Hi. You too, Mama," Grace says.

"Oh, I've been up most of the night, worrying about your brother," Lady Mae says.

"Why? What happened now?"

"What happened? You," Lady Mae says, jumping out of her seat to confront her daughter. "You happened."

Grace tries to remove herself from the situation. "I've got to get ready for chuch."

"Don't you walk away from me," Lady Mae says, storming over to Grace.

"Mama, can we just not, please!" Grace says in exasperation.

"Grace, as long as you're here, your father is going to continue to deny Jacob his rightful place," Lady Mae says. "His rightful place?" Grace says in disbelief. "Mama, before I left, Jacob was talking about playing minor league baseball. He never wanted to preach."

"No, he didn't, but you ran off and left your father with nobody to help," Lady Mae says. "And he stepped up."

"Because you pushed him," Grace says. "Church is not a family business. Preaching is a call from God."

"And who are you to stand here talking about being called by God, looking like you've been rode hard and put away wet?" Lady Mae snaps. "Where have you been all night?"


"Well, your car never left the driveway," Lady Mae says. "So, where were you, Pastor Greenleaf?"

"It's not what you think," Grace says, sounding defeated.

"Lying. Oh, you want to add that to your list of sins this morning. Sometimes it seems like you won't be satisfied until you've burned this place to the ground," Lady Mae says, rushing up the staircase.

However, she turns halfway up to lob one more dart at her wayward daughter. "I'd be angry if I wasn't so filled with sympathy for you. You must be so lonely."