Lady Mae Announces Her Last Event at Calvary

Season 3 Episode 36
Aired on 10/03/2018 | CC
Lady Mae and the bishop finally face the congregation at Calvary and announce that they have decided to divorce, leaving the congregation gasping in surprise and dismay.

"I know some of you are thinking, 'Well, have they prayed about it?' We have," the bishop says.

"We have," Lady Mae concurs.

"'Have they tried to work it out?' And we have," the bishop continues.

"We have," Lady Mae says.

"We will always be family. And I'm still your bishop," the bishop reassures the crowd.

"And I—" Lady Mae says, pausing for effect. "I am not going away just yet. I will continue on as your first lady up through A Day with Lady Mae."

As Lady Mae continues, she quickly announces that the famous Maxine Patterson will be her special guest at the event, taking the shocked congregation from stunned grief to enthusiastic joy with such a masterful deftness that the bishop can only stand there, seemingly in her shadow, a look of chagrin slowly replacing his usual mask of serenity.

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