Lady Mae and Grace's Heated Exchange

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It's the day after Lady Mae kicked the bishop out and Zora ran off with her abusive boyfriend, Isaiah, and tensions are high in the Greenleaf mansion. At breakfast, Grace attempts to console her mother, but Lady Mae wants none of it and places the family's problems squarely on Grace's shoulders.

"When you came home for Faith's funeral, you promised me that you hadn't come to sow discord. Now look at us," Lady Mae tells her daughter. "Look at me."

"I came back to deal with Mac," Grace counters.

"Oh, and we're also paying for that, Grace."

Lady Mae continues to accuse Grace of causing trouble in the family, but Grace's patience is wearing thin. "I didn't make Zora run away. I didn't make Kevin gay. And I certainly didn't send Daddy out the door to Auntie. Now what did I do?"

"You bang around this family like a bull in a china shop until everything's broken, acting like it's God's work," Lady Mae exclaims.

"In this family, it is!" Grace shouts.

Hitting her boiling point, Lady Mae raises her hand as if to strike Grace, but when she's met with a look from her daughter that is equal parts shock and disappointment, she gathers herself instead and walks off in disgust.

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