Kevin Deletes the Dating App

Season 1 Episode 109
CC | tv-pg
In recent days, Charity and Kevin's marriage hasn't been at its strongest. Although Charity has no inkling about her husband's inner turmoil over his sexual orientation, Kevin's obsessive attachment to his phone has Charity suspicious that her husband is being tempted by another woman. And with twins on the way, the stakes are high.

Having had enough, Charity confronts Kevin in the halls of Calvary. "What are you doing on that phone all the time?" she says. "That's all I want to know. Just show me the phone."

"Are you serious?" Kevin says, smiling.

"Yes, show me the phone," Charity says. "What don't you want me to see?"

"Somebody's hungry," Kevin says, flippantly chalking up Charity's anger to the pregnancy.

Charity wags her finger at Kevin. "Oh, don't do that."

"Well, you're eating for three now," he says.

Wrong move. Kevin's attempt to dismiss the issue only provokes his increasingly irate wife. "Give me the phone, Kevin," Charity says, as the two stop in the middle of the hallway.

"No, Charity," Kevin says.


Charity lunges forward to pull the phone out of Kevin's pocket. "Give me the phone," she yells.

Kevin manages to gently restrain her flailing arms at her sides. "Charity, I'm not going to play into this," he says, trying to keep is voice down and desperately trying to diffuse the situation.

Failing to retrieve the cell and disgusted by her husband's denials, Charity quickly breaks his hold and marches ahead as Kevin tries to keep pace.

"You see, you're in a mood. I know you," Kevin says as the couple briskly moves down the corridor. "This whole wedding got you thinking about how we were when we first got married; we were all romantic, and you think that it's not that romantic anymore."

Stopping in her tracks, Charity screams, "It's not!"

"Well, baby, it's not for you, and, baby, I'm sorry about that," Kevin says, "but let me tell you something. I feel more romantic about you and those two babies than the day we got married. Okay? Now, when you're ready to apologize, you know where you can find me."

As Kevin walks away, Charity calls out, "Yeah, at the gym."

When he's out of Charity's sight, Kevin pulls his phone out of his jacket and deletes the gay dating app.