Kevin Corners Charity at Church

Season 3 Episode 301
Aired on 08/28/2018 | CC tv-pg
After his long disappearance, Kevin returned to the Greenleaf mansion, hoping to see his son, Nathan, but he was met by a protective Lady Mae. So, when Kevin shows up Sunday morning at Calvary, Charity is taken aback.

Kevin demands to see Nathan, but Charity is reluctant. "Well, I'm back now," Kevin tells her. "And our agreement stipulates that I have a right to see my son."

"Kevin, I can't believe you," Charity responds in a hushed tone.

Kevin makes it known that he only wants to see their son, and when Charity tells him that she intends to go back out on tour, he wants her to leave Nathan with him.

"We'll see," Charity says, turning to walk away.

But Kevin isn't backing down. "It's not going to be a 'we'll see,'" he scoffs. "You either leave him with me, or you stay, but you're not taking my son across state lines. That's kidnapping."

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