Kerissa Greenleaf

Season 1
CC | tv-pg
On OWN's new mega-church drama Greenleaf, Kim Hawthorne plays Kerissa Greenleaf, the wife of Jacob Greenleaf and the principal of the Excellence Academy.

"I think Kerissa is very driven, and I think she's the backbone of her family unit," Kim reveals in this character profile of Kerissa. "My character is really just trying to hold it together in the shadow of this mega-church family, the Greenleafs. It's a lot of trying to find my identity and trying to elevate my husband to the status that I think he deserves within the unit."

Kim also hints at surprises later in the season. "There are some shocking things that you are going to learn about her, none that I can say right now, but I think you'll be surprised at the length she will go in order to support her family."