Kerissa Confronts Jacob About Tasha

Season 3 Episode 310
Aired on 10/31/2018 | CC tv-pg
After a revealing phone call with an inebriated Tasha, Kerissa learns that the real reason why Tasha left Triumph is because of what happened between her and Jacob. Kerissa storms into Jacob's office and slams the door shut. "How is your trifling ass going to lie to me in God's own house? How?"

"What did she tell you?" Jacob says, seemingly aware that this was bound to happen.

Kerissa tells Jacob that she just got off the phone with Tasha, who was very intoxicated. "She said, 'It was just a kiss,'" Kerissa says, leaning into Jacob's face. "So what was it? Nothing, a kiss, or what?"

Jacob admits to Kerissa that it was a kiss, and then gets up and crosses the room to pour himself a glass of water. "Oh, so now it just went from nothing to just a kiss?" Kerissa replies, following him. Kerissa slams her hand on his desk. "Stop lying to me, Jacob!"

Jacob insists that he's telling the truth. "It was just a kiss," he explains. "And it was a nothing kiss because I shut it down. I told her I don't play like that anymore; I'm faithful."

"Faithful?" Kerissa repeats in disbelief. "You're just faithful to yourself, Jacob. That's why Zora left. Maybe Winkie and I should go too."

Jacob tries to interject, but Kerissa isn't finished. "The man is supposed to be the tent pole of the family. The strong tower that holds it up," she tells him. "You're just a twig!"

"I'm the problem, right?" Jacob says bitterly, his back turned to her.

"You're not even a twig," Kerissa says, tears forming in her eyes. "You're just a puddle, a puddle of need and desire and bad ideas and—how could you do this to me again?"

Kerissa begins hitting his turned back as her frustration turns to rage. "I trusted you!" she exclaims.

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