The Father-Son Greenleaf Moment That Keith David Loves

Season 2
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Jacob Greenleaf was the heir apparent to the pulpit at Calvary World Ministries. No obstacles stood in his way—until his sister Grace reappeared. The family patriarch, Bishop James Greenleaf, decided his daughter would be better suited to follow in his footsteps.

In an exclusive interview, Keith David, the veteran actor who plays the bishop, says there's one scene between his character and Jacob that stands above the rest: Angered by what he sees as an embarrassing demotion, Jacob confronts his father, saying, "You're going to ask her to take my place." After a pregnant pause, the bishop somberly replies, "Son, you have no place."

"I just can't get enough of stories about sons and fathers of sons, and mentorship and nurturing," Keith says. "I think that they're very important to our culture and society."

That scene, Keith says, shows that Jacob is becoming distracted from his purpose by "the sparkling, shiny things on the periphery," and that's a problem. "He takes for granted that he has a place here, that he's the heir apparent," Keith says. "It's an earned privilege; it's not a right."

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