Keith David on Bishop Greenleaf's Battle with Temptation

Season 3
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Keith David, who plays Bishop James Greenleaf, discusses the array of personal challenges his character will face in Season 3 of Greenleaf. As the dignified leader of Calvary Fellowship World Ministries and the patriarch of the Greenleaf family, the bishop starts the season trying to keep his family together while also preventing his family's private issues from tarnishing the church's image. However, his growing interest in the manipulative Rochelle Cross isn't making things any easier.

"One of the things that he has to deal with is temptation. I think at this point he's reconciling for himself that temptation is not God's way of messing with you, but it's God giving you the opportunity to step up to the plate," Keith explains. "Bishop's temptation is Rochelle Cross. He doesn't pay as much attention to what it looks like to his wife and to the congregation that he is commingling with this woman."

Keith also talks about the strain on the bishop's 45-year marriage to Lady Mae and how their long-kept secrets could affect not only their relationship but also their family and church. "Whenever there is tension at the helm, it has a fallout. There's going to be a reaction," Keith says. "So, we also get to explore what happens in the church family when there's tension in the first family."

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