Jason Dirden on the Moment the Bishop Meets Basie Skanks

Season 2
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Basie Skanks threw the Bishop off his game.

In season one of Greenleaf, the rivalry between the Bishop and crosstown preacher Basie deepens when Basie stands up for a young man who was alleged killed by the police by speaking at a #BlackLivesMatter protest. Meanwhile, the Bishop is pressured into the tough position when he learns that he's the shooter is a member of his congregation.

The Bishop finally decides to confront Basie man-to-man for the first time, a scene that Jason Dirden, the actor who portrays Basie, calls his favorite. It's a tense scene, and one that leaves the Bishop, who thought he'd easily dominate Basie, speechless. Here, Jason explains why he finds it was "fun" forcing the Bishop to recalibrate.

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