Jacob Cuts It Off with Tasha

Season 3 Episode 308
Aired on 10/17/2018 | CC
Jacob pays a visit to Tasha's office a few days after the two of them kissed in Jacob's office, and he has one objective that he must achieve before leaving: ending whatever is going on with Tasha before it goes any further. "What happened between us the other day, that kiss," he tells her, "that was a mistake."

"It was?"

"Yeah," he says. "Okay look, it wasn't untrue. You're great. You're smart. You're sexy. But it's just—it's not something I can choose in my life at this point in time."

"Me?" Tasha says, hurt.

"Yeah. I'm sorry," he says.

Anguish washes over Tasha's face as she struggles to find the words, but Jacob presses forward, adding that she can no longer text him either. Tasha admits that she was wrong to keep texting him, but she only did so because she missed him, she says. Jacob doesn't want to hear it. "Tasha," Jacob says, shaking his head. "You got to stop. People are going to think something is going on."

"Nothing ever seems to work out for me, Jacob," Tasha says, her voice shaking as the tears begin to flow. "Like, I know that I'm being selfish, but I just—I like you so much."

She places her hand on his chest, but Jacob backs away, realizing that the situation is rapidly deteriorating, and he quickly and quietly shuts the door to the office. Jacob tells Tasha that she needs to pull herself together, which only pours fuel on the fire, but they are suddenly interrupted when the bishop walks in with a cursory knock.

Sensing that something is off, the bishop asks whether it's a bad time to talk. Jacob musters up a half-truth, stating that Tasha just lost a friend, and that he was simply comforting her. Jacob then tells his father that they can talk in his office.

After offering his condolences to Tasha, the bishop exits. Jacob is about to follow him, but as he reaches the office door, he realizes Tasha may want some privacy. "Open or closed?" he says, pausing in the doorway.

"Closed," Tasha answers forcefully.

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