Jacob Is Demoted

Season 1 Episode 105
CC | tv-pg
Jacob's world is crumbing around him. The only son of Bishop James Greenleaf and Lady Mae, Jacob has slowly taken on more responsibilities at Calvary Fellowship World Ministries, but with the family's prodigal daughter, Grace "Gigi" Greenleaf, back in town, he may no longer be the favorite to follow in his father's footsteps. His position in his father's eyes falls even further when his wife, Kerissa, explodes in front of the whole family during dinner, revealing Jacob's illicit affair with his father's assistant, Alexa.

The next day, Jacob visits the bishop's office, tentatively poking his head just inside the door.

"Shut the door. Have a seat," the bishop says.

Jacob does as he is told. "Alexa's not in today?" he says as casually as he can.

"I fired her," the bishop says. "How was the rest of your night? I know it had to be better than dinner."

"Well, Pop, it was just a misunderstanding," Jacob begins. "I was—"

"I don't want to hear this," the bishop says, cutting Jacob off firmly. "I don't want to hear it."

"You don't want to hear the truth?" Jacob asks.

"What do you know about the truth?" the bishops says. "Hear this, son. I love you. Nothing will ever change that, but you're not ready for leadership."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm sitting you down," the bishops says.

"Mama know about this?"

"We talked about it."

"So how long am I being sat down for?"

"Ninety days."

"Pop, I mean, who's going to preach on third Sundays?" Jacob says.

The bishop shrugs it off. "I'll find somebody."

"And who's going to teach Bible study?" Jacob continues.

"Honestly, I feel like I can get any good Christian boy from the local high school to do that," the bishop says. "All you do is tell stories about your glory days on the gridiron."

"Who's going to teach discipleship? I mean, who's going to handle that?" Jacob says, beginning to get worked up.

"That's no longer your concern," the bishop says.

Jacob, pausing, seems to have a revelation. "Because Gigi's back."

"Excuse me?" the bishop says, taking off his glasses irritably.

"You wouldn't be sitting me down if Gigi wasn't back," Jacob says, glaring at his father. "Admit it. You're going to ask her to take my place."

The bishop makes Jacob's situation crystal clear: " have no place."