Jacob Finds More Than Comfort in Tasha

Season 3 Episode 307
Aired on 10/10/2018 | CC tv-pg
After an intense argument with Kerissa about how to handle Zora, Jacob opens up to Tasha about the issues he and Kerissa have been fighting over. Jacob confesses that he feels like Kerissa treats him like the man he used to be. "You ever have somebody that you know treat you like the person that you used to be back in the day, but you're not that person anymore?" he asks Tasha.

Tasha empathizes with Jacob and tells him that she understands how he feels. "Yeah, I know what you're talking about," she replies. "Jacob, do you think I've always been this holy church lady you see in front of you?"

Tasha then opens up to Jacob about having a wild side when she was younger and how she faced her own obstacles, including people who would try to bring her down. However, when Tasha mentions that she knows that she has been forgiven for her past, Jacob cuts in.

"Yes. That's just the thing. I know Kerissa forgives me, but she'll never forget," he tells her. "And then she won't let me forget either. And I'm sick of it."

Not really knowing what to say, Tasha comforts Jacob with a hug. "Bring it in," she says while walking over to him. "Come on. Bring it in. It'll be okay. It'll be all right."

They share a long embrace, but as they pull away from each other, something passes between them. In that moment, Tasha and Jacob's professional boundaries dissolve, and giving in to the impulse, they kiss.

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