Isaiah Blames Zora for His Abuse

Season 2 Episode 213
Aired on 09/06/2017 | CC tv-pg
Isaiah surprises Zora with tickets to see him perform at a music festival, which happens to be the same weekend as the cotillion she's been anticipating for months. When Zora pushes back, suggesting that she might have to find another date, a suddenly enraged Isaiah slams on the breaks, and her head hits the dashboard.

"You did it to yourself," he says, claiming that she wouldn't have gotten hurt if she had been wearing her seat belt properly.

Every time Zora forgives Isaiah, his abusive behavior seems to get worse. Now, as Zora demands to be taken home, and Isaiah reluctantly agrees, the ugly dysfunction of their relationship rears its ugly head again and begs the question: How much more of this will Zora take?