How Much Danger Is Zora In?

Season 2 Episode 214
Aired on 09/13/2017 | CC tv-pg
The unhealthy and dangerous aspects of Zora's relationship with Isaiah only seem to be worsening. While practicing for the cotillion, Zora and Isaiah get into a big fight, and Isaiah storms out the door. Zora follows after her temperamental boyfriend and tries to placate him. However, her words of appeasement only further enrage him, and Isaiah shoves Zora into a pole.

Seeing that he's hurt Zora, Isaiah's anger suddenly turns to regret and more than a little fear, and he desperately promises her that he'll never do it again. "I just wild out, and I get crazy, and I can't control myself because I love you," he says, looking into her eyes.

Zora tearfully accepts his apology, but Isaiah's behavior is beginning to follow a disturbing pattern: violence followed by intense love and intimacy. Will Zora be able to recognize and break free of this cycle of abuse before Isaiah can hurt her even worse than he already has?