Isabel Asks the Dreaded Question

Season 1 Episode 109
CC | tv-pg
Noah and Isabel are mere days away from their wedding. With Grace back in town, however, Isabel gets the sense that Noah's fidelity may be wavering. Here, she finally confronts her fiancé to see whether her deepest suspicions are true.

In Noah's office, which is overcrowded with wedding decorations, Isabel asks the question she's been dreading: "Did you sleep with Grace?"

"Why would you ask me that?" Noah says.

"I'm giving you one chance to tell me the truth, Noah," Isabel says. "Did you?"

Noah can't form the words.

"If you tell me the truth right now and just admit you made a mistake, we can move forward," Isabel says, "but I cannot go into this marriage with a lie. Did you sleep with her?"

Again, Noah opens his mouth but can't say what he's thinking.

Isabel begins crying and backs away. "Thank you for not lying to me."

"I didn't say anything," Noah says.

"You didn't have to!" Isabel yells. "You know what? You two, you deserve each other, you know that?"

Isabel throws her engagement ring at Noah. "Take that! I don't want it!"

"Isabel," Noah says pleadingly.

"Don't call my name! Don't say my name!"

"I don't want to marry Grace," Noah says. "I want to marry you."

"Really? You have a really interesting way of showing that, Noah."


"Don't. Say. My name," Isabel says. "You know, I knew we should have left this place when she came back. I knew you were too weak, but I waited. I waited because I believed in you."

Isabel makes a move for the door. "You can tell everyone at the mansion the wedding's off," she says, shoving Noah hard in the chest and storming out of the office. "These people aren't my problem anymore."