One Actor's Mission to Find the Humanity in a Pedophile

Season 2
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Even for seasoned actors, it can be a challenge to find the humanity in characters who have done evil things. Imagine, then, trying to find the good side of a man who has inflicted unspeakable sexual abuse on minors. On OWN's hit drama Greenleaf, that's exactly what GregAlan Williams was tasked to do when he was cast as Robert "Mac" McCready.

GregAlan says he's helped by writers who have made Mac multidimensional. "One of the things that's so wonderful about being on this show is that you have this guy—the villain, the heavy, the bad guy, the Snidely Whiplash—but yet the writers are so adept, that they understand that no one is all evil," GregAlan says. "So, they've written this character in a very full way, and if there's any joy in playing this guy, it is that he's not just this evil person."

In reality, no one is pure evil, GregAlan says. "He is, as most evil people are, with some good," GregAlan says. "Hitler loved his dogs and he loved Eva, but yet [he's] a murderer, a madman."

Tune in to the Season 2 premiere of Greenleaf on March 15, only on OWN.