How Mac Might Justify His Horrific Behavior

Season 2
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Robert "Mac" McCready is a devout Christian. Nevertheless, for years, he sexually abused countless underage girls unbeknownst to the Greenleafs, a family he's dedicated his life to serving. How does Mac square his faith with his terrifying, predatory behavior? According to GregAlan Williams, the actor who portrays Mac on OWN's hit drama Greenleaf, he actually uses the Bible to justify it.

GregAlan says Mac has it all figured out: "Mac believes in redemption. He believes in the afterlife. He believes in all of that. But he also believes that, biblically, girls were marrying at 11, 12, 13 years old, so that his raping them and his abuse of them is justified, in part, because of biblical history."

Here, GregAlan explains how even someone as despicable as Mac can view himself as righteous.

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